• MPH Internship

    We love working with MPH students for their internship! At GSU it's called an APE (Applied Practice Experience), but we can work with students at any university if your university agrees. We offer internships for all semesters: Fall, Spring, and Summer.


    Here are the internships we have available with instructions on how to apply:


    Our MPH internship focuses on alcohol and sexual violence prevention with research, evidence-based interventions, community-relevant tools, and public health education. The National Center for Sexual Violence Prevention (NCSVP; https://ncsvp.gsu.edu/) strives to prevent sexual violence and interrelated behaviors. We are currently recruiting students for the Social Media NCSVP internship. This internship focuses on a social media campaign to translate research to the community. Skills needed for this internship include basic graphic design ability or interest, knowledge of social media, an interest in translating research findings to the lay community, excellent organizational and communication skills, and a desire to learn more.


    The deadline to apply for Fall is June 15, Spring is November 1, Summer 2023 is February 15. To apply, please send your resume with your university, MPH GPA, and concentration listed as well as a letter of interest to both Dr. Amanda Gilmore (agilmore12@gsu.edu) and Dr. Nicole Mullican (kmullican@gsu.edu).


    Volunteer Research Assistantship

    We offer volunteer research assistantships for undergraduate and graduate levels. If you are interested in working with us as a volunteer research assistant, please email the following to both Dr. Amanda Gilmore (agilmore12@gsu.edu) and Dr. Nicole Mullican (kmullican@gsu.edu):

    • Email indicating why you are specifically interested in working with the National Center for Sexual Violence Prevention (NCSVP) or the Alcohol and Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP) lab
    • Your CV with your GPA included and any previous research experience or relevant experience (e.g., volunteer at a rape crisis center or suicide hotline) bolded


    PhD Student

    Dr. Gilmore is not accepting PhD applicants to start in Fall 2024.

    Paid Research Positions

    We will list paid research positions here as they come available!